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fix::AppletFrame::AppletFrame ( String  server,
String  user,
String  id,
String  to,
String  akey,
String  skey,
ErrorWindow  e,
boolean  d 
) [inline]

Sole constructor, sets the Trustmanager, the version number and the given values.

server address of the server to connect to
user email address of the user who is logged in
id auth-id of the user mentioned above
e the ErrorWindow for showing error messages
d flag to set debugging

Definition at line 128 of file AppletFrame.java.

References initialize().

            host = server;
            use = user;
            auth = id;
            touser = to;
            this.akey = akey;
            this.skey = skey;
            er = e;
            debug = d;
            versionNumber = "Revision " + versionNumber.split("\\$")[1].split(": ")[1];
            System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStore ", "fix.NaiveTrustManager");

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