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fix::Sender::Sender ( String  reci,
String  file,
String  comment,
boolean  m,
String  server,
String  user,
String  id,
String  akey,
String  skey,
ErrorWindow  err,
boolean  d 
) [inline]

The default constructor

reci The recipient of the file.
file The file to be sent.
comment The optional comment (may be null or empty String).
m Flag to set MIME-Type to application/x-mime.
server The URL of the F*EX Server
user The user that sends the file.
id The auth-id of this user.
err The ErrorWindow used to display errors.

Definition at line 91 of file Sender.java.

References fix::ErrorWindow::setMess().

            try {
                  rec = reci;
                  this.file = file;
                  comm = comment;
                  host = new URL(server).getHost();
                  this.user = user;
                  this.id = id;
                  this.akey = akey;
                  this.skey = skey;
                  url = server;
            } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
                  err.setMess("The host URL is malformed.", e);
            er = err;
            mime = m;
            debug = d;
            isCanceled = false;

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